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    Among Us Vents Into VR

    Soon you can murder your friends, run away, take cover in vents, set off alarms, and then lie about all of VR. Because that's where Among Us is releasing next.Announced this evening at The Game Awards, we got a very, very small sneak peek at Among Us VR: just a very brief code input...
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    Among Us Announce Major Updates After Direct-Style Presentation: Roles and New Cosmetics

    Among Us just got one of its biggest updates yet, adding new roles and abilities as well as setting the stage for players to earn new and exclusive cosmetics.As revealed in a Direct-style “Emergency Metting” presentation, Among Us developer Inner Sloth revealed a massive new “Roles &...
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    Dubium Announced

    Startup game developer Mumo Studio – whose founders have resumes that include games like Black Desert Online and Dead to Rights – has announced Dubium, a new five-player social deduction multiplayer game for PC via Steam Early Access in 2022.Gameplay, as the studio describes it, should sound...
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    Fortnite Finally Admits Its Impostors Mode Was Inspired by Among Us

    Epic Games has finally acknowledged that Fortnite's cloak-and-dagger style Impostors game mode was inspired by Innersloth's Among Us.As part of a blog post detailing the game's latest patch notes, Epic Games noted a number of changes to its Impostors mode while also clarifying what influenced...
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    Among Us - Xbox Version Announcement Trailer

    Among Us is coming to Xbox platforms along with increased player counts and new modes.Continue reading...
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    Does Among Us have Crossplay?

    I doubt many would have predicted the meteoric rise of InnerSloths Among Us. Especially seeing as it was initially released over 2 years ago. Among Us sees players trying to work together on a spaceship, or space station to complete tasks. All the while some imposters roam in your crew and are...