1. Admin

    Skatebird's Cute Skateboarding Birds Are, Like All of Us, Just Trying Their Best

    Some games are inspired by the developer's deep, personal experiences. Others are sparked by real-world events, or love of other media. For Skatebird developer Megan Fox, it all began with a gif of a bird on a skateboard. Fox is a seasoned developer, having worked in AAA on LEGO Universe...
  2. Admin

    Minecraft snapshot 15w36a

    It’s wednesday again – really wednesday this time, not a phony monwednesday! This can only mean three things – but we only care about the second possibility… snapshot! Notable changes: Rebalanced armour. Changed damage & protection enchantments to match new armour system. Fixed a few AI bugs...
  3. Hargut

    We want Rok-Sameteem back, with rules!

    Hello, where is teh new server with teh new good rules ?! Hargut aka "best looking dude around" wants to play on good ol sameteem again and others too!