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Hey man, just wondering why my white list application has been completely ignored? Something wrong some where? My hours on RoK is simple due to every server I've played on up till now has been ruined by some green flying man with god mode. Cheers
Hey wren sorry for sounding rude but I have waited this whole day for echo to reply and now I'm starting to think that he never got my reply
Hey I was just wondering if you got my reply to my application because I sent it late after you replyed
Hey I sent my reply to my application late so just checking if you received it?
Don't worry, Echo is the one dealing with your app and he will see it :)
ok thx Wren :)
Hey man, i know you are busy with the whitelisting, but could you look at my application since i have been waiting for 2 hours to play with my friends who are on the server. I understand if you are busy. But was just wanting to ask. Thanks