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Shrek's Swamp Is Now Listed on Airbnb

If you're a fan of the hit 2001 film Shrek and have a strong desire (like me) to stay the night at the character's swamp, you're about to have your chance soon enough. Airbnb has successfully recreated Shrek's Swamp, with bookings opening next month - but you'll have to be quick and lucky.

Beginning on Oct. 13 at 1 p.m. ET, Shrek fans will have a chance to request to stay the night at this beautiful, moss-covered, murky-watered paradise. Located in the Scottish Highlands, some lucky renters can spend two nights at Shrek's home.

The booking dates, however, are currently only from Oct. 27-29 for one, two-night stay for up to three guests. The cost for booking Shrek's Swamp is $0, with Airbnb noting in a press release that the company will make a one-time donation to HopScotch Children's Charity.

Airbnb notes, though, that this is "not a contest," and those lucky enough to nab the chance to stay in Shrek's abode will have to pay for their own travel.

But if you love Shrek, I cannot express enough how much they nailed the look of the swamp. From the house to the furniture to the "BEWARE" signs, it looks like it was pulled straight out of the movie. But hey, don't take my word for it. Let the images speak for themselves:

Those lucky enough to book the stay can relax in the swampy oasis, lighting an earwax candle, kick their feet up in Shrek's recliner chair, and eat some parfait. Of course, you are not bound to stay inside the house; you can go outside, light up a fire (maybe tell some swamp stories), and visit Shrek's iconic outhouse. Oh, did I mention the best part? Donkey is the host (apparently, he is swamp-sitting for Shrek), and yes, there will be waffles.

This is not the first time Airbnb has offered fans an opportunity to stay in homes from iconic (and sometimes fictional) locations. Earlier this year, you could book a stay at a real Malibu Dreamhouse in honor of the Barbie movie. In 2020, Airbnb offered people the chance to spend the night in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's mansion, plus a night at the last remaining Blockbuster. And in 2021, Home Alone fans had a chance to book a stay at the McAllister house.

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