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Royal Minecraft Militia - Application Guideline and Script

Discussion in 'RMM Applications' started by Roze, Jun 19, 2015.

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  1. Roze

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    May 23, 2010
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    To apply for enlistment into the Royal Minecraft Militia, please follow the below instructions;
    • Create a thread titled; "NEW Application -" followed by your preferred name. For example, "NEW Application - Roze"
    • Copy and paste the below script into the body of the thread and answer all the fields.
    We aim to respond to your applications within a 24 hour period. Please watch the thread in case we have any further queries before approving said application.

    Enlistment Application Script;

    • Preferred Name:
    • Minecraft Account Name:
    • Timezone:
    • Are you apart of any other Minecraft-related clan or organization? If so, please name.
    • Where you apart of any other Minecraft-related clan or organizations previously? If so, please name and date when you joined and left.
    • What interests you in joining the Royal Minecraft Militia?
    • What are your expectations from the Royal Minecraft Militia?
    • Where you referenced by someone/somewhere to apply? If so, please name.
    Further Comments:
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