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    --Name: Dontrell94

    --Timezone: PST(GMT -8)

    -- Do you Have TeamSpeak: Not currently, planning to as soon as I get more stable client-side.

    --Why you are interested in joining the RMM: I was in it before, 4th battalion, Charles brought me in before he was "banished".........Nintendow was new,IPope left shortly after I started.....LuciferZ left while I was active......I thought,originally that I left because the rmm was in a dark time,everyone important leaving,lack of leadership,etc......In truth it was life issues that seperated me from my escape from reality,I still have issues but I feel that i'm more than able to start anew. I would like to be able to call the people that I once called friends,the one's that shed pixels with me,and ultimately are who I accepted as an extended family will openly welcome me back from my long (albiet pointless) absence. I do not want to be seperated any longer from my first and only clan, the RMM.

    --How you heard about the RMM:I was previously established in fourth battalion under the likes of Roze,Ipope,LuciferZ,and Charles broughton(who coincidentally recruited me in).

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