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    Development is back on!111


    As some of you know, I'm making a post-apocalyptic RPG set in a ravaged United States. The player controls a lone agent tasked with deactivating old nuclear weapons and exploring the region. Different side quests and the choice between three different character classes allow for some interesting gameplay.

    The year is 1970. It has been seven years since the soviets nuked the US of A. You've been tasked with deterring foreign agents from stealing or detonating unused nuclear weapons on American soil. Sent to the former state of Nevada, it is your job to survey the region and decommission old nuclear bombs.

    In a strange turn of events, the dead walk and hunger after the living. Survivors nearby fear for their lives daily, holed up in walled cities and cut off from the sands of the wasteland.


    Visit http://imgur.com/a/FbzRh for screenshots of the game in action. (Old images)

    Features (features not implemented yet are colored in grey)

    - Explore a very large map, encompassing California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona (and other locations)

    - A variety of weapons, from pistols and shotguns to assault rifles and submachine guns. All with individual gunshot sounds and animations

    - Categories of firearms with different bonuses allow the player to tailor their playstyle.

    - A variety of undead and living enemies. Some will bite, others will shoot.

    - Three character classes to choose from: a tough soldier, a medical scientist and a former police officer.

    - More to com


    Look in the files browser of Josrence's Channel on the RMM Teamspeak to download. Playtesting demos will be released weekly until the game is completed or deemed complete.


    ~1.7.1 (in between releases) - Reformatted shop and weapon lists. Simplified to make things easier.

    1.7 - August 29th - Date of this post. Allow usage of the Helicopter to explore new game areas.
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    ...or he's just continuing development of Vulcan. Possibly restarting it.

    I can haz mapper?

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