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    Sorry for the troubles about making 2 threads, this one is the main one.

    Age: 14

    Faction: Resurgence

    Rank: Legend

    Experience Moderating: I have been a mod on 2 servers. And would be glad to make a start to be one by working my way up from Mediator. Anyway on these servers I have learn't quite a couple of multiplayer mod commands and sometimes I enjoy myself and make it fun for others by playing games, and I love to give stuff out on servers like armour I gave my whole faction iron armour (Imperial) . But as you should know I change factions alot and I have suddenly ended up in the faction Resurgence!

    Past Punishments: None

    Experience: I thought I'd add in a bit of my experience on this serverso here it is,

    when I first started I saw a person named Lloydies and some other guys chasing 1 person

    obviously they all had diamond armour so I ran out and started chasing with nothing but Lloydies

    stopped and gave me diamond armour with a sword and invited me to Denerius's OLD faction troll's

    and from then on the server was my favourite server (aventually when Lloydies was banned I got kicked by Denerius :()

    And thanks for taking you're own time up to read this application.

    Have a great day!
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    - ₹30.4
    Thanks for your application.

    I am reviewing staffing changes today, and will keep this app in mind.

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