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LEGO Horizon Adventures Is Official, and Out This Holiday - SGF 2024

Sony and LEGO have officially announced their LEGO rendition of Horizon: Zero Dawn, entitled LEGO Horizon Adventures, at Summer of Gaming today. It's coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and PlayStation 5 at launch this holiday.

LEGO Horizon Adventures is an action adventure game inspired by the world of Horizon, and designed for two-player, couch co-op play. It appears to be a comedic take on Horizon co-developed by Guerrilla Games and Studio Gobo, with Aloy as the star and very loosely following the story of Zero Dawn. Aloy still fights cool robot dinosaurs (there's a very shiny looking Thunderjaw fight in the trailer), but it's all a little silly - very LEGO. There also appear to be plenty of unlockable costumes for both Aloy and her co-op companion, and the ability to make a customizable base in Mother's Heart that you can fill with lots of buildings that were...not necessarily available in regular Horizon.

LEGO Horizon Adventures was leaked earlier this month by various reports, but with few details. We've previously seen LEGO collaborate with PlayStation and Guerrilla Games for actual physical LEGO sets based on the game. And LEGO has made a number of successful video games based on Star Wars, Marvel, and other properties. But a LEGO version of an already-existing first-party video game is a new frontier for the company.

You can catch up with everything else announced at Summer of Gaming right here.


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