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    Chances are you're reading this because a staff member dealt out some form of punishment. To appeal your punishment you need to create a new thread in this section with the title in the following format.

    [Minecraft IGN] - [Punishment Type] Appeal
    When creating your thread you need to include as much information as possible so that we can make an informed decision. If there is a thread relating to your case in here you should post the url. If we find a ban report and you haven't posted it for whatever reason your chances of being unbanned will decrease.

    There are a few pieces of advice I can offer when writing your appeal.

    • Be polite, remember that the staff member reading your thread are taking the time to make sure that our punishments are fair.
    • Use decent grammar and spelling, if you can't take the time to write a decent looking appeal we're not going to take the time to read it.
    • Don't lie, as soon as your start lying to us your chances of a successful appeal drop to next to nothing.
    • Do not create a poll or ask for support from your friends. We don't care if you have 10 people willing to say you didn't hack, we trust our staff members.
    • Do not say you were banned for no reason, there is always a reason.
    • Posting about your punishment in other threads is never a good idea. Ever.
    • Don't appeal a punishment that is 4 hours or less, it's not worth it.
    • Including the words "the game" in your appeal will significantly increase your chance of an unban.
    • Don't write appeals for others. They can tell us themselves why they should be unbanned.
    • Pointing out semantics, insulting staff members, or making other threads referencing events connected to your appeal will result in an instant denial
    If you want to have a look at an almost perfect appeal go here.

    Note: Appeals are not a place for the public to voice their opinions. If you have some evidence, or something to bring to light related to the situation, that's fine. Don't make a post just to tell us your opinion

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