Final Fantasy 7 Feels Like a Whole New Game In 60fps

A PC mod has been released for the original Final Fantasy 7 that cranks that framerate up to 60fps, and the resulting game is... almost disturbingly smooth.

Mum: "Don't worry dear. Smooth 60fps battles FF7 doesn't exist and can't hurt you"

Smooth 60fps battles FF7:

— Steve Of Warr (@SteveOfWarr) November 30, 2020

That buttery battle comes courtesy of the FFNx modding project, a modding platform for Final Fantasy 7 and 8 that endeavors to make both games look, feel, and sound better on PC. This specific 60fps mod endeavors to make the lackluster, 15fps PC versions of Final Fantasy 7 look not just playable, but downright silky, including not just battles but cutscenes, dungeons, and the overworld. It's a heck of an achievement, even if watching such an old game run that well is a bit disarming at first.

Before you run off and download this, be aware that the mod is still in beta and the team behind it is actively hunting and removing bugs, so play at your own risk. Also of note is that the mod works best with the original 1998 version of the game, though the Steam version is technically supported by FFNx. This mod is likely best for nostalgic lovers of the original, though given Final Fantasy 7 Remake's visuals are struggling a little bit compared to the PS5 version, this mod may really be onto something.

In the meantime, we thought the 2020 remake breathed new life into the series while also standing alone as a great RPG, and there are more episodes on the way... hopefully soon.

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