[Discussion] Why do pvp servers always create a shitty sense of community?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cub_Nake, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Every pvp server I've been on ends up creating a self destructive community that are aggressive towards each other, the admins and the server itself.

    What can we do to make sure this server doesn't suffer the same fate?

    It may just be the faction I belong to (I understand calling us unpopular would be an understatement) but in general I feel a lot of animosity between players on a day to day basis.


    -Don't randomly enemy people, actually discuss differences and be civilized. Aim to create alliances and make friends to have honorable pvp. I know it's a pvp server, but that doesn't mean we should all inherently be douche bags to one another. Still raid to your heart's content but try to realize when enough is enough.

    -Have some pve events with prizes where we actually have to work together. The main issue that causes all the hatred is the betrayal and lack of trust, I know that's what attracts people to pvp servers; however, it just isn't healthy for a community.

    -It should be legal to cheat lie and steal but the players should moderate it themselves. Have a wanted list of people and their crimes. If you feel wronged, post up what you think they've done and try and sort stuff out. If you abuse it, that's a part of the game if you so wish it.

    The server may well survive, the community may grow (I hope it does) and I understand not everyone will get along but there is no reason most of us shouldn't.


    Post ideas on how to make the aggression community more positive.
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    Perhaps when you enemy a faction you have to type a reason to let the other faction know why you enemied them. This could make the other faction try to compromise with the other faction and prevents factions enemying for enjoyment.

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