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    FPS uncaping/Turning off FPS limiter

    To uncap/unlimit your FPS in Chivalry browse to C:\Users\User\Documents\my games\Chivalry Medieval Warfare\UDKGame\Config\ and open up UDKEngine.ini

    Find bSmoothFrameRate=TRUE and change this to FALSE. You can also edit MaxSmoothedFrameRate=62 to 146 and this should have a similar effect.

    Random Tweaks

    You can also edit a lot of the graphics options in UDKSystemSettings.ini the few of note are :
    1. Changing DepthOfField to False may increase FPS and some people may prefer the way the game looks with this off.
    2. Setting MaxAnisotropy to 8 should improve graphical quality within the game.

    You can also launch the game through Steam with the startup option -dx11 to enable advanced graphical settings.
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