Boris's Barrier - DayZ server


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Feb 16, 2011
We now have a DayZ server that anyone is welcome to join

Who is Welcome to Join?

Anyone, there is no whitelist.

Server location


Player slots?

20, will be increased as needed.

Is there a voice server for the DayZ server?

TeamSpeak :

What are the Server Rules?

Please read the full list in game but broadly the rules are simple, don't be a nuisance to other players and don't exploit. KoS is ALLOWED.

Where are the Toxic Zones?

Kamenks Military Base and Tisy.

What can I get from the Toxic Zones?

A chest will spawn with random loot, you can also find extra high value loot around the area..

Can I build a Base?

Absolutely, you can find the base building items spawned on the map and at the traders.

Can I Protect My Base?

Yes, the trader sells Codelocks that you can use to secure your base and it's buildings.

Where are the Traders?

Green Mountain and Kumyrna are the main traders and are marked on the map.

There is a mystery black market trader hidden on the map for you to find.

How much can I store in my bank/ATM?

5 Million Pounds

How do I access the Party System?

Press P on the keyboard.

Where Can I Get DayZ?

Is Voice Chat Enabled?

Yes it is, feel free to join our TeamSpeak at to find more people playing on the server. And grab a free channel on our TeamSpeak server at

I Need Help!

Please talk to any of the admins or helpers on the TeamSpeak server (red or cyan ST logos next to their names) and they will assist you if possible.

Will My Base Be Deleted?

Bases won't normally be removed unless there is a server wipe or the base is causing an issue, such as lag or blocking the traders.

How Do I Make Money

You can make money by selling at the trader, raiding Tisy, and you can find money randomly spawned throughout the map.

Mods Included on the server

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