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Battlefield Portal's Builder App Is Available Right Now

Despite the fact that Battlefield 2042 doesn't enter early access for another two days, EA has quietly released the web app for the game's new create-your-own-Battlefield-multiplayer-experience mode, Battlefield Portal.

As spotted by The Loadout, players looking forward to the upcoming release of Battlefield 2042 can begin creating their own Battlefield Portal experiences using the web application today.

Once logged in, the builder is easy to use. Taking a step-by-step approach, players are first able to set the different game modes they would like to include in their portal experience, followed by a choice of maps, game mode details, modifiers, and restrictions.

As previously understood, the portal web app (within reason) pretty much allows you to do whatever you want when it comes to tailoring your Battlefield experience. While setting your preferred game modes and maps lays out the foundations for your experience, it's really the options after that which allow you to have the most fun.

Tweaking the game mode details allows you to change factors such as team allocation - meaning that should you wish, you can now take part in a 1v63 Team Deathmatch with your weapons of choice. Meanwhile, the apps modifiers section allows you to set different gameplay mechanics, soldier and vehicle options, interface preferences, and more. The options here are pretty wide and varied -there's even a setting to stop players from exiting vehicles - meaning that once you've climbed inside your tank, plane, or car you're not leaving without a respawn.

As previously reported, a range of additional settings in the editor allow you to further refine the gameplay experience. From dictating choices in weapons, attachments, and gadgets to character preferences and more, there's certainly plenty for players to work through.

With all that in mind, perhaps it's not too surprising that EA has decided to launch the web app a couple of days early - knowing that this will give players the chance to get to grips with it before the game enters early access and beyond over the coming weeks.

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Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter.

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