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    Hello players!

    We've gone and created a very functional league website dedicated and committed to fulfilling the needs of you and you're gaming buddies!

    The aim is to provide a place, a competitive environment where you can sign up your platoon & buddies in leagues based on game modes and play versus other teams with a league system that always has something you can look forward to.

    The league will start with rounds or 'play days' that will happen every few days to give teams time to work out their own schedules, with results that formulate a table where points and stats for match outcomes can be seen. Then at the end of the rounds the top teams (based on how many signups) go into a playoff where the overall winner of the season is crowned!

    We've fleshed out a basic ruleset that's debatable if you feel something needs to drastically change, that also provides the very basic of rules that keep things on the competitive side.

    At this point we have 1 server setup so teams can use that currently don't have their own or can be used in situations that help teams out in trouble.

    And of course if you want to suggest other fun leagues like knife-only, choppers or jet dog-fighting that's no problem!

    So signup with your platoons and we'll get this started! - signup your teams soldiers!

    Become a fan and join our platoon!
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    BF 4 is probably going to be out by the time I can be assed putting together a respectable machine >.<

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