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Jul 31, 2018
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Hey, I don't want to be a moderator or an admin on this server, however,

Due to the recent amount of quite poorly written applications, I have decided to help some of you guys out putting what you believe your strengths at into words.

Position Wanted [Admin/Moderator]: > This is entirely up to you <

Minecraft Name: > Obviously put your real IGN <

Age: > If your not above 16, I recommend asking a friend if you think it looks professional. <

Timezone: > Obviously put your real timezone <

Relevant Experience: (Here is an example of a well written one😉

I believe I would make an excellent admin/moderator on your server, I am well-spoken, Thoughtful and Considerate, I work as customer service rep in my local supermarket and during my time there I have learnt that treating a customer as I would wish to be treated is a professional way to deal with people, and I could use these skills and translate them into my role as an admin.

I have played Minecraft since early alpha, and know the game fairly well. I have picked up a few tricks in my time and know many glitches that people abuse, that disrupts other peoples gaming experience, this will allow me to quickly recognize when someone is doing something wrong, so I can quickly take the correct course of action.

My gaming experience consists of being a successful LoL player, having a rating of over [number], I was part of a extensive clan here and had the privilege of being the organizer of events, this required me to be in charge of all situations, respond to attacks, and generally assert my authority when necessary.

I believe that my wealth of experience will help the server, >Closing statement... etc.. <

> Contact in-game or email... etc.. <

Thank you for reading my application I hope to hear from you shortly.

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Btw I do not work in a supermarket, or every played LoL, use relevant information to you, and don't copy what I wrote, try using some sort of frame to what you write, I used this approach.

Paragraph 1: Something personal about me that shows you I am competent leader and good with people.

Paragraph 2: Experience within minecraft alone

Paragraph 3: Experience about all games, and more about how well you are as a leader.

Feel free to use that system, or feel free to make a similar one.

Good luck.