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  1. Tutrie

    Hey Echo

  2. Tutrie

    I love gay men.

    Hi ya'll how has it been? USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST
  3. Tutrie


    What was the name of the Pokemon battles game we played while on team speak? Someone help please I'm in desperate need to play Pokemon!!! XD
  4. Tutrie

    Why is it so quiet?

    I feel as if my time away in Skyrim made the world go dark. I don't see any new threads at all!
  5. Tutrie

    The History of the RMM

    Major flooding here and every person. BREAKING THE nature of the first seven KLM January 2010. Reading of life, when the first month, LuciferZ '09 2010. This is the guild term from home for several months until the end of 2010 and re-determination. However, little giant that is answered ride...
  6. Tutrie

    Logging Out

    I just realized I don't know how to log out of my BoN account. Some one help me quick. D:
  7. Tutrie

    Akinator Knows All

    He does. Try anything. Even people that are personal to you. [attachment=637:akinator knows all.png]
  8. Tutrie

    Can someone help?

    So here is some art for Fusion I have been working on: [attachment=622:Fusion 1.jpg] See now that is some good art but here is some art where I seem to have a problem: [attachment=623:Fusion Logo 3 Bigger.egg_6bcc9.png] Does anyone think they could clean that up for me? I tried my...
  9. Tutrie

    Ma Gamin Music

    Anyone like game music? Decided to post this because the song Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Sound of the Wind started playing and I had the most epic nostalgia moment ever. This is not my music of choice but recently I listen to it 24/7 while working on...