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    Accepted Ranjeet Patel

    SteamID64: 76561198028431573 IGN: Ranjeet Patel
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    Zombie Survival Sheet

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    Barrylm16's Spamming

    So, while I was just breakin' necks and cashin' checks, Barry started to spam in chat. I have no idea why but every time he seemed to blame it on lag. This is quite peculiar because neither SeaRex nor I experienced any lag while he spammed. Here are screenshots.This first case of it...
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    Jordtzx Pvp cheats

    CommanderChode!!! Teach me how to stick my head to the ceiling!!That is the second hax so hax the first one ill stand on it i put them in a empty hax. but i took the hax out of anouther.
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    Gruezilla's Rerevised Mediator Application

    Age: 16Faction: RMMRank: On the server Private, in the RMM, VeteranExperience moderating: I have little experience moderating on any large scale SMP servers but I am up to date with moderating with the Bukkit server script. My little to no experience is why I'm starting on the mediator...
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    What's your favorite videogame?

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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    Very Pressing Matters

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
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    StrifeOr's Mediator Application

    You are cool guy, can fight well, and doesn't afraid of anything.
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    Gruezilla's Revised Mediator Application

    Age: 16Faction: RMMRank: PvtExperience moderating: Well, I was an operator on Dysgalt's D3 Build server back in 2010, and I was an operator on Aidan's RP D3 server, also in 2010. Although I quite often troll, I never troll with commands that would be detrimental to other players or...
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    Gruezilla's Mediator Application

    But Echo419! We are on same teem!
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    Gruezilla's Moderator Application

    Position Wanted [Admin/Moderator]: ModeratorMinecraft Name: GruezillaAge: 16Timezone: ESTRelevant Experience: I've been a Mediator for about 13 minutes.
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    Gruezilla's Mediator Application

    Age: 16Faction: RMMRank: Pvt, but you know how long I've been on the server Noodle, Echo, M1, and Dakry.Experience moderating: I ban people when I'm angry, and give them diamonds when I'm happy. I've never kept a solid moderating job for more than 3 hours, and everyone on the server has...
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    The Book Of Mormom

    I'm in a hotel in Georgia and they have a book of Mormon in the drawer of the nightstand. I'm glad to see that the Fairfield Inn Marriott supports Mormon Jesus.
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    Possible Motive for the Power Limit

    While discussing the limit of power that Dannie was proposing, we (being the RMM) were debating with him as to how it was fair that it would mainly affect only our faction. He then proceeded to tell us the real reason why he is debating implementing the 50 max power limit.
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    73554b cyber bullying

    First, try restarting your computer.If that doesn't work, go into your directory files and delete the file called "system32"
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    73554b- Hacking

    I will admit, in laithes' video, I did see you run into the corner and eat some stews. But, it appeared to me that you received a lethal amount of hits before doing so, unless.... You had a macro set up to eat food, but once you ran out of food in the correct inventory slot, you had to manually...
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    ssghost31&Techin glitching spawn

    He is correct that it is not glitching, but sneaking in and out of the protected area as demonstrated in the video is against the rules and the players can be jailed for such an offense. This exploit was brought to my attention by Echo, so if you would like someone competent on the subject I...
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    GoMLv Combat Logging With Picture Proof

    It has come to the RMM's attention that the user by the name of GoMLv, of the faction KIDS, takes a large amount of pleasure in logging out in mid combat, to log in and abuse the 2 second invulnerability associated with such actions. Now, I know you may be saying "Whar our da piktures?"Here...
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    Honstine redneck job

    That's funny. Why does your pig look like a sheep?
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    Freebuild Server - Project thread

    I'm part of Ascalon right Roze?