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  1. Josrence

    NEW Condition Zero server

  2. Josrence

    Randomizer Server Information

    Updated with new server addresses.
  3. Josrence

    How to report a hacker/cheater

    Updated the template.
  4. Josrence

    How to apply for the whitelist

    You're welcome! I hope you enjoy our server!
  5. Josrence

    How to apply for the whitelist

    You didn't follow the instructions correctly. Create a thread in the whitelist section.
  6. Josrence

    admins are asleep post applications

    admins are asleep post applications
  7. Josrence

    A year later

    We're set for some very exciting times at SameTeem - keep up the good work guys!
  8. Josrence

    Zombie Survival Sheet

  9. Josrence

    Movie night

    American Psycho.
  10. Josrence

    DayZ Servers we frequent

  11. Josrence

    RMM Members Report in

    IGN - Josrence44 LAST KNOWN RANK - Major General WHAT DO YOU PREFER - Building TIME ZONE - GMT-5
  12. Josrence

    DayZ Servers we frequent

    The Old Hospital on the east island spawns canned food and drink in the supermarket (as well as all the medical supplies you'll ever need). Vorkuta, the large town in the north, also spawns a lot of food.Otherwise, check out the military bases for weapons. Object II has an underground bunker...
  13. Josrence

    Credit farming!

    But that's Dasb00sting!!! Please don't abuse forum systems man, I lol'd but please don't.
  14. Josrence

    DayZ Servers we frequent

    Hello folks. I'd like to share some server IP's for the servers we enjoy playing on: DayZ Namalsk - (0.73/100296) [VETERAN CH:ON NP:ON][GMT+2][Starting Gear][Bloodsuckers:ON][EVR:ON][Extra Vehicles][Active Admins]|DayZ.STNamalsk is a DayZ map which combines the constant threats of...
  15. Josrence

    Basic SameTeem Information

    Weeoo weeoo weeoo
  16. Josrence

    Moderator - Anonymau5ie

    Seems legit. Mau5ie is a pretty cool guy. From what I understand, he holds many IRC connections and is an all-around level-headed sort of guy. I vouch for him.
  17. Josrence

    The BoN sound pack!!!

    Connected - "Bowl of Noodles!" - Noodle Kicked from Server - "Hnnnnnngh!" - Josrence Disconnected - "Final Fantasy Battle Win Theme with Hnnnnnngh" - Josrence
  18. Josrence

    Update: Player Shops and Spawn Renovation

    Hey folks. I've been away for quite a while due to attending college, but I'm back. Back to stay. Returning to Aggression and taking up my former position as a Builder, I have been working along side of Wrenuld and MadMockers to bring you revamped locations to explore and kill each other in...
  19. Josrence

    I made Rapture in Minecraft BEFORE IT WAS COOL

    Minecraft Skin Mod - Genetech Undersea Station Minecraft Skin Mod - Genetech Undersea Station - YouTubeThis was a really popular video, put it up a few years ago. One day I decided that I was going to make it private to the public. Then Google Accounts happened, and proceeded to cut off access...