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    Suggestion Server limit and Game limit

    Of course :)
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    Suggestion Server limit and Game limit

    I am an admin on another server. I play the game a LOT and I played on a lot of servers.The official servers have been decreased to 30 players. When the amount of players go up around 30, usually 30++, the lag happens.You can't have more than 30 people on a server right now, otherwise it...
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    King Abusing Powers

    You can thank the guys who raided the king by giving him treb and ammo lol.They will increase treb and treb ammo for the next patch.Sorry but that is the game mechanic.PVP server is PVP, the previous king and his army was doing the same. You can still find a RP server if you like building.
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    Accepted Alk4r Application

    IGN: Alk4r SteamID64: 76561197962946126 Have you played our server before: NoI am have 2 friends on it already.Thank you.