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    Forum needs moar cowbell.

    Get mad kid.
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    Forum needs moar cowbell.

    Funny you say that, do you have 96 cracks per minute then? You must be much more immature than me then :D
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    Forum needs moar cowbell.

    Didn't you rage-quit Aggression because one of your faction was clearly found to be hacking? Fuck seanglendo96
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    Forum needs moar cowbell.

    That has nothing to do with activity, that's you hiding from the responsibility of DSgt and choosing to play with another group. That's perfectly fine with me, but at least have the openness to tell us that you'll be leaving or dropping your roll in the RMM.
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    Forum needs moar cowbell.

    aggression ded, muv oooom. :/ #YOLO
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    Diablo 3

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    [RMM]Royal Minecraft Militia

    Accepted on MCF
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    Suggestions For Aggression PVP

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    The beginnings of Aggression

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    Quotes Thread

    DasB00t on Teamspeak - "Do you know anything...about anything??"
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    Best Movie and Tv Show Quotes

    "Hip....Hiphop....hiphopanonamis, DAMN YOU, YOU GIVE HIM THE EASY WORDS." - Big Daddy
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    The BoN sound pack!!!

    "User Group Assigned" - The Badger was free! - officerhegeek
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    EVE General Guides to Everything

    Perhaps adding a section on how much each ore is worth roughly per M3?
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    Like Old Times

    Lets see how long it takes for half of them to QQ :p
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    [RMM]Royal Minecraft Militia This si the correct place to post mate :D Make sure you read the "How To Enlist" post to obtain the correct format.
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    R.I.P Aggression Pvp

    And Ponies, and dolphins, and rainbows and MOAR RMM
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    Favourite Game of all time?

    Whats everyones Favourite game of all time, on any system and why? Mines is Red Dead Redemption for the PS3. Good shooter + Shit tonnes to do (Hunting, questing, bounties, treasures, exploring, skilling) + Amazing story = Awesomeness.
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    Youtube channel.

    You misspelled 'volcano' with 'vulcano'. That ma boy, is a story. (+ The video itself was shit)
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    Browser Wars v2

    Chrome I'm not leaving.