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    velocityshot51s admin appl

    Position Wanted [Admin/Moderator]: adminMinecraft Name: velocityshot51Age: 12Timezone: americaRelevant Experience: i work for planet minecraft and i just want op so i can review the server. im not a hacker. thanks.
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    Witc Abusing Safe Zones

    Crouching over spawn safe zones to hit me while remaining invincible. Look at my health bar as support that he did hit me. Thank you.
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    Like Old Times

    Yeah likewise. I just want to get back into Minecraft. I haven't played at all since Aggression went down. And who better to get back into Miencraft with than like, the people on Aggression? They're the best.
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    Im not very happy right now.

    You shouldn't need Echo to wipe you
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    Did some one say spiderman thread?

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    Like Old Times

    For the longest time I couldn't get on the server (still can't). I'm so damn anxious to get on.
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    Scourge Demand List (Without a thousand spelling errors)

    You stupid fucks. You should've asked for Sour Patch WATERMELONS.
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    A huge announcement.

    This is pornographic and should be removed from this forum immediately.
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    Riddles for when you're bored

    Read the goddamned racism rules - Woody
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    Re: GomLv sister

    Add a poll option "I want to fuck Ms. Fazzone"
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    WA Circus School.

    Cirque du nigger
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    King_Kaitzer's Perma Ban Appeal

    You obviously did something wrong, and you further fought that you didn't in your last appeal. At this point, you have to argue why you're a good player and why you benefit the server. You've been ranting on no good servers, Gears of war, and all this shit. You don't know just how deep you dug...
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    King_Kaitzer's Perma Ban Appeal

    I don't think you should be unbanned. This appeal is a suck up to admins, going on and on about how great the server is and how you play Gears of War. You barely went into depth on why you should be unbanned, just saying "I shouldn't have done . . . ". Bad appeal, you need to talk more about...
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    Minecraft v1.2 update

    Voted no, if admins were kind enough to take the time to save bases and items, then yes. Its tons of work, but it'd be awesome to have all the new ideas implemented, and see them tested within hours.
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    Ingame name: velocitnig51Are you better a PVP or gathering materials: PVPWhat other factions have you been in on this server: Bio, PlagueHow long have you been on this server:1 yearTimezone: ESTWhy do you want to join: Strong, powerful PvP clan. Nobody PvPs in plague, and you guys work...
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    Sea was a mod in the past, he did a great job. Erskew isn't greatly active on the server, and I don't think we should really count him. I think Sea + Eric would make great moderators together, and I say we promote Sea.
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    Spawn Base Rule Re-applied

    I love this idea, but Joserence tried this. Nobody really used them, and unless we make it like, REQUIRED to pass through to get to wilderness, it won't work great. And for new players to have to fight through that might be hard.I saw we do this, but bring back the [New] rank so people...
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    Mattd - modded client

    I'm not saying to ban him, for he did nothing wrong. You misinterpreted, more like, keep an eye on him. I'm not up-to-date with mods at all, I didn't know you could do this with optifine and I feel pretty stupid, but still :P
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    Mattd - modded client

    Its ok to have mods 'THAT DON'T EFFECT GAMEPLAY-But having one mod makes it highly probable to have more.