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    Why Is The Server Lagging So Bad?

    Probs because of the 100 cats around my base.
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    This is very annoying!

    I had the same pic, but I removed it.
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    Faction abuse

    When we were raided erlyer today we were attacked by the factions Scourge and Cheese. Well after they got into our base we traped them inside a room, but they got out by leaving the faction and then rejoining.
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    R.I.P Aggression Pvp

    If you build a new spawn could you add more items to the store? And also player owned shops?
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    Do tehy keep changing the IP? because I just tried it and it didn't work.
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    To All Trolls In Arizona Dear God....................
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    Starcraft 2

    But I'm blind ;-;
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    Just tried it, and it doesn't work.
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    Starcraft 2

    ummmm, whats fixed?
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    [ Mediater ] NoDx_ViiRuS

    Note you're talking to Para darky.See Officer and Wren get it.
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    I was wondering, does aggression minecraft server change its IP every update? And if so then what has it changed to? (or perhaps it's just been down all this time)
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    [ Mediater ] NoDx_ViiRuS

    Hmm did they make him a med?
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    Starcraft 2

    How does one play on starcraft?
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    1.2.3 Issues

    update it
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    Single player world pics

    My minecraft house
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    I love gay men.

    Was he rally banned?
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    Glitching into our base

    No ban report
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    Glitching into our base

    He admits he hacked (or glitched) into his base, and nothing is done........................... (yet they can ban people for not saying a server name and or Ip? )
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    If they say the server name it is.