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jb_lego_jail_pre_v6-2 2020-02-17

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Lego Jail (v4) **Brand new UPDATE!** I've listen to the gamers and ive tried to make the map more balanced! Changed the escape routes from cells. (20% chance of ending up in armory) Added one more balcony for bether control Some ppl complain about the crappy soccer arena... Now its updated check it out! I had to remove dodgeball because of lag problems, replaced it with an outdoor area. N much more! Check out the updates below Updates: #Added a new soccer arena including 3 diffrent soccer modes: -normal soccer -giant soccer -anti gravity soccer #Added outdoor area #Added "Last man standing" room. (outside) #Added "Musical chairs" room. #Changed the escape route from "vent cell". -20% chance to end up in armory when escaping -80% chance to end up in pool room when escaping #All "hidden" guns have 1 round of bullets #Added one more balcony for cts Feutures: +Disco with 4 songs, bar, restrooms, chillout lounge, strip poles n more +Pool area +Last Req area with s4s room, knifefight pit with moving floor, guntoss and deagle golf (new) +Maze with 4 spots, random spawns each time. (losers auto kill) +Race with 4 spots (losers auto kill) +Teleport Tower game (this time its random) +Soccer +Auto cell opener (2min) +Zombie Freeday area +Tic Tac TOE +Lastman standing room +Musical chairs room +CT Panic room and much more! Check it out!
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